Friday, January 25, 2013

#CBB 2013 - FINALE!

Here it is.
Tonight we find out WHO will win Celebrity Big Brother 2013!
Claire. Razor. Ryan. Rylan. Or, Spencer and Heidi.
Find out below!

ETERNAL thanks to Ermmmmmmm for his uploads!
Without you, there would be no Couch Potato Blog!

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MisterMac said...

The only big surprise for me is that Razor finished 5th and Ryan finished 3rd. The only thing that I think of is that Ryan is more in the public eye with being on "Neighbors" and getting a lot of votes. I would love to see the final voting percentage.

I only have two complaints about the CBB and BOTS episodes. There was way too much outside crowd noise during Brian's interviews. It was distracting and seemed to cause Brian to wander too much in his questioning of the housemates. A bit more soundproofing in the interview studio would be a big help. BOTS should have been a bit longer because I would have loved to hear the housemates comment more on Speidi. Emma did a great job as always.

I thoroughly enjoyed CBB and thanks to Ermmm and especially to Doc for all the hard work and great podcasts. I will be interested to hear what Ian Symes has to say about this edition of CBB on Sunday.